Naked is beautiful

We are NKD NYC:
Manhattan’s luxury destination for Cryotherapy, Infrared LED Light Therapy, IV Vitamin Therapy, Body Sculpting, and Aesthetics (Injectables/Skin Tightening).


We came up with a simple concept:
Let NKD be your partner to help make all the best things in your life amplified, more effective, efficient, and beautiful. We are not here to replace a healthy diet, your gym obsession, your tennis game, or a spin class. Instead, we’re here to make all of those experiences better.


Naked and unequivocally more perfect.

An Oasis

Hallway 005
We’re centrally located in the heart of Manhattan on 57th & 7th Avenue.
When you come inside, you’ll find we’re more akin to a luxury hotel than a hospital; with nods to a warm Nordic design welcoming you to our complimentary juice bar and amenities you commonly find on vacation.


You’ll be able to play your own Sonos playlist your private treatment rooms or stream your favorite Netflix shows while you get your belly fat melted away.
Our IV Drip Lounge boasts cushy recliners, high-speed internet, and TVs for your viewing pleasure.

Our Team

We’re proud to have some of the very best doctors, nurses and technicians in Manhattan who all believe in the core idea that we can help you find your Perfect. We don’t expect you to an expert in all the different kinds of gadgets and fillers and things you see in commercials.
Instead, we’ll take the time to sit down with you, talk about your goals and your lifestyle, review your health, and together, come up with the best ways to treat you and your personal goals.
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Start your journey to a beautiful NKD you….

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