Each of us envisions an ideal version of our own mind and body toward which we constantly strive. Our visions of a better self drive us to pursue paths where improvement lies. NKD NYC exists to help you realize the personal goals that you have set. We are your partner in the journey to look, feel and live well.
NKD specializes in the most advanced wellness treatments, all based on cutting edge medical and scientific protocols. Our team has developed comprehensive programs to help realize your personal goals.
We are NKD NYC: Manhattan’s premier, luxurious destination for cryotherapy, light therapy, vitamin and amino acid infusions, body sculpting and aesthetics (injectables and skin tightening). We are an integrated resource for athletes, aesthetes, perennials and anyone looking to hold Father Time at bay.


Our team of doctors and wellness professionals has developed comprehensive treatments and programs designed to integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle and personal objectives.


We have a comprehensive array of methods and equipment to help you meet your vision. The difference in our approach is focusing in on you and your individual goals, not on any one service or contraption.
We don’t believe there is one single silver bullet that fixes all.
Clients have access to a wide variety of advanced, state-of-the-art, medical and scientific methods. Our solutions are often non-invasive and involve little or no downtime.



We’ll talk about your goals and your problem areas. We’ll check to see you’re ok to go through the desired treatments. And we’ll figure out a plan that’s best to achieve the results you want.


You’re invited to come in with specific procedures and things you’ve educated yourself on, but what’s right for your best friend may not be the right approach for you.


But don’t worry, our team will come up with custom solutions that’s right for you.



Our Medical Directors are leading board-certified plastic surgeons and pain management doctors. We have a staff of fully trained nurses, technicians, and counselors, who are focused on our mission of providing outstanding quality of treatments for your wellness plan.


Our mission is to provide treatments and services of outstanding quality in support of your wellness plan.


NKD NYC’s facilities offer the most advanced equipment and environment. Our award winning design team has created a relaxing oasis where respite from the concrete chaos outside can be enjoyed.


Each room is equipped with its own customizable Sonos sound system. TVs in every room allow you to watch your favorite shows on Hulu and Netflix.



Prior to your release from our care, we’ll review your progress, conditions and give you recommended next-steps in your success towards your wellness goals.


Discover parallel treatments that will enhance and accelerate your progress. There is no single silver bullet. Success is often met with a comprehensive approach: your attitude, a combination of treatments and proper follow-through.



Benefits: Reduce inflammation – increase energy – increase metabolism – reduce chronic pain and fatigue – boost collagen – increase performance and muscle recovery.


NKD NYC’s Cryotherapy programs include state-of-the-art whole body, local spot-treatment, and cryo facial options.


Our Cryosense is a next-generation whole body cryosauna, and the first unit to deliver both cryotherapy and heat in a single unit for a contrasting effect. You can also choose to alternate between heat and cold during the same session providing a richer user experience and better results. Likewise, Cryosense is the first and only cryochamber with two different target zones that allow clients to choose greater cold intensity on the upper body or lower body, or keep a consistent level of cold over the whole body.

Infrared LED Light Therapy

Benefits: Improve wound and soft tissue healing – reduce inflammation – relief for both acute and chronic pain – stimulates collagen – anti-aging – skin tightening
Our full body PX2000 LED light bed is FDA approved for temporary relief of minor muscle and joint aches and pains, promoting relaxation of muscle tissue and temporary increase of local blood circulation.


LLLT’s positive effects continue to grow in both medical and scientific research, and its most often used for soft tissue injuries, joint conditions, neuropathic pain, non-healing leg and pressure ulcers.
We offer both full body and spot localized treatments.

IV Vitamin Therapy

Options: Myers’ Cocktail – Hangover – Mood Booster – Performance – Cold & Flu – Cleanse -Anti-Aging – Wellness
Boosts: B12 – B-Complex – Glutathione – CoQ10 – Vitamin C
IV Treatment is intravenously offering your body direct access to hydration, vitamins, amino acids and supplements.
We offer some of the most effective IV formulas for treating a multitude of conditions.


Injectables: Wrinkle Relaxers – Dermal Fillers – Lip Injections – PRP – Skin-Tightening
Look your very best. Eat well. Exercise. Get plenty of sleep.
But for the rest of us, we can use a little extra help.
Body Sculpting NKD PNG

Body Sculpting

We have some of the most advanced body sculpting treatments available.
We can help you with troublesome problem areas in both non-invasive treatments as well as more advanced surgical options.

Amazing space

Indulge in an atmosphere of total luxury and relaxation in our beautiful spa center.